Dycem Data Center Mat

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6'6" CZ Material-double door option

Size           Price
6' x 6'6" $2,320.50
8' x 6'6" $3,094
10' x 6'6" $3,837.50
12' x 6'6" $4,641

4’ CZ Material- single door option

Size           Price
6' x 4' $1,644
8' x 4' $2,192
10' x 4' $2,650
12' x 4' $3,288

3 year guarantee for this system

Expected LifeSpan of the Dycem Data Center Mat: 3-5 years with normal traffic.

Dycem’s mat system is a pre manufactured, standard sized contamination control flooring system. Which consists of:

  • Dycem contamination control flooring
  • 35mm diminishing edging strip
  • Semi rigid isolator membrane
  • Hot welded at point of manufacture (creating a total system)

Recommended area installation

It is recommended that this product be installed into areas where the sub floor is smooth, flat and without any need for repairs.

Traffic Type

The recommended traffic type for this product is strictly pedestrian and light wheeled traffic (up to 100kgs).


Dycem's 2.1mm thick polymeric flooring has been scientifically proven to be the most effective, long lasting and high performance method of minimizing foot and wheel borne contamination. In independent tests carried out by Microbiologist Caroline Clibbon at GlaxoSmithKline it was proven that Dycem prevents over 99% of all viable and non-viable foot and wheel-borne contamination from entering a critical area.

The successful inhibition of microbial contamination is attributable to the antimicrobial additive incorporated in all of Dycem’s CleanZones. The silver based anti-microbial is effective in attracting and trapping microbial contamination and has been proven to inhibit the growth of over 50 organisms including E.Coli, Salmonella & MRSA.

Isolator Membrane

This material is a semi rigid 1.2mm thick product which has properties including:

  • Resistance to moisture
  • Nonabsorbent
  • Pedunclestominimizeunevensubfloorshow-through
  • Tensile strengths of 440N cross directional and 606N machine directional
  • Tear resistance of 23N cross directional and 23N machine directional

Diminishing Edging Strip

The edging system is 1.6 mm thick and diminished to a 0.9mm point, over a 35 mm width.

Total Product thickness

The total product thickness is 3.3 mm thick

Available Sizes

This flooring system is available is 2 widths and 4 lengths. These are set sizes (however special bespoke sizes are considered if the area being installed into cannot accommodate the set sizes.


The product is available in 1.2 and 2 meters widths.


The product is available in 2, 3, 4 and 6 meter lengths.