Tek Drive Belts for Air Handlers

TEK-DRIVE™ Air Handler Belts protect your critical systems from debris contamination caused by traditional CRAC v-belt drive systems. Constructed of specially engineered materials, TEK-DRIVE™ Belts address the “belt debris” problem commonly created by belt driven fan systems in air control and filtration systems in data center facilities.

Utilizing TEK-DRIVE™ Belts operating costs typically are greatly minimized by extending the required service interval. Additional savings are obtained by eliminating emergency shutdown of air control systems, crucial to maximizing data system uptime. Best of all, TEK-DRIVE™ Belts protect your critical systems from debris contamination caused by traditional v-belt drive systems. TEK-DRIVE™ Belts are produced using stringent ISO Certified methods.


  • Are encased in a unique and highly durable jacketing process.
  • Provide outstanding belt traction, but are designed to slip in the event of drive stall, greatly extending belt life.
  • Run quietly and are resistant to squealing when properly tensioned.
  • Specifically designed to dissipate static charges and remain extremely flexible even in extreme-cold environments.
  • Are made from top quality materials and have reinforced construction to minimize the potential for rolling in situations where belts are over-tensioned.
  • Are engineered with a special laminated construction that provides outstandingly consistent and smooth, consistent power, even during high-torque start-ups, small pulley systems, or high ratio drive systems.

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For more information on air-handler belt contamination issues please refer to our published article Contamination Issues from Belts in Critical Environment Cooling (PDF).

Installation Considerations (PDF)