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Containment Unit for Critical Environments

Control dust, construction work and other contamination from other critical areas with Kontrol Kube. This unit is able to contain ceiling work, anteroom for areas under construction and also is approved for use in hospitals for infectious control containment. Micro dust and particles are held at bay with this professional containment unit - great for use in cleanrooms, data centers and other controlled environments where micro-dust must be contained during construction or contamination creating projects.

Containment Unit - A proven design in mobile containment units, the Kontrol Kube is a versatile unit configurable for both small and larger containment needs.

HEPA Filtered Negative Air Machine - Vital to all containment systems, the negative air machine ensures that all dust is captured. This machine has been designed to work seamlessly with the Kontrol Kube containment unit.

Wheel Bases - Two bases create a total mobile system. One holds the unit, the other the negative air machine. Once joined, you have a containment solution that can be deployed rapidly from location to location.

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  • Synthetic Fabric Enclosure is over three times stronger than traditional vinyl enclosures. This advanced fabric meets NFPA 701, California Fire Marshal, CPAI 84 and FMVSS 302 fire retardant specifications.
  • Detachable Flanges (Anteroom and Multi-Unit) for larger containment. Anteroom flanges connect the unit to a door way allowing for room containment. Connector flanges allow multiple units to be connected together.
  • 12" Negative Air Port ensures compatibility with all popular negative air machines, including the Kontrol Kube Negative Air Machine.
  • Enclosure "Sag" Restraints prevent the enclosure from sagging when lowered. The enclosure folds on itself easing use at all heights.
  • 8' and 10' Enclosures to meet your facilities specific needs. Both units are adjustable down to a working height of 7'.
  • Webbing Reinforcements in high stress and wear areas ensure long life.
  • Bolt Action Poles make it easier to adjust the height and increase the strength and rigidity of the poles.
  • Collapsible Design allows the unit to be stored easily taking up less space. New features allow a unit that is collapsed to be set up in less than 2 minutes.

Kontrol Kube Quick Specs:

  • Product Number - 8' (6546), 10' (6547)
  • 12" Port - accommodates negative air machines
  • 3" Port - to pass cable into unit
  • HFPA 701, California Fire Marshal, CPAI 84 and FMVSS 302 rated material
  • High strength fabric enclosure
  • Solid aluminum frame and base
  • WxD: 30" x 60"
  • Height: 8' or 10' (model dependent)

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Our warranties on our Kontrol Kube Advanced Complete containment units appear on page 13 of the attached Owners Manual- 1 year on the enclosure and 5 years on the framework (frame, unit wheelbase and air base). The warranty on the negative air machine is 1 year, from the manufacturer of this unit; this warranty is included in the shipping carton with the machine.

Shipping Weight: The shipping weight of our Kontrol Kube Advanced Complete is approximately 250 pounds

Lead Time: Lead time per order is usually 7-10 working days from date of payment, under normal circumstances.