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In the last 15 years we have cleaned over 70 million square feet of critical environment space as well as hundreds of thousands of server cabinets and other interior electronics. We serve Fortune 50 companies, US Government facilities, privately owned organizations, as well as local, county and municipality groups nationwide.

Because of this experience, we know our mission critical products. We use or install many of these products every day in data centers and cleanrooms. We sell solutions we have tried and tested with great success over many years in the most demanding of applications. Trust SET3 with your critical environment supply needs.

25 ft Tech Pro Belt Series: Power Twist Belt by Fenner

See how it works - Click Here

Twist and lock the belt to make any size you desire! You no longer have to purchase multiple belt lengths, one roll or sleeve makes any belt length you need.

Belts sold in Sleeve or Roll:

  • 25 ft roll
  • Call for other sizes rolls 888-935-0620

Best Suited For:

Data Center CRAC or CRAH belt driven units, or any power transmission application designed to use classical B/17/5L section industrial rubber V-belts. Also ideal for conveying applications designed for B/17/5L section belts.

PowerTwist Plus can't be outperformed!

PowerTwist Plus sets the standard for link V-belt longevity and durability. Other brands don't come close. The combination of high strength and low elongation under load simply cannot be beaten. Because they're made of a custom-designed, high-tech polyurethane/polyester composite, PowerTwist Plus V-belts won't fail you when others may. The result? Less downtime. Higher productivity. Reduced maintenance costs.


  • Everyday industrial workhorse
  • Minimized maintenance time
  • High performance polyester/polyurethane composite technology with the same horsepower ratings as conventional rubber V-belts
  • Easy to inventory
  • Offer problem solving alternatives to V-belts of classical cross-sections
  • Drop-in permanent upgrade for conventional endless rubber V-belts

Make any size belt with the twist and lock system - The right belt at the right time!

Easy installation! Save money and time ordering the right sized belts for all your air units - make any size belt you need by twisting and locking the belt.

How it works:

Tech Pro Belts has an innovative twist and lock system which allows you to make any sized belt from 6" to 25' long instantly from one belt.


Step 1: Measure the size belt you need (inner diameter)

Step 2: Twist and remove the exact length from the 25' belt

Step 3: Twist and lock the belt to make a loop... thats it!

Instead of trying to carry all the endless V-belt sizes you might need, with PowerTwist Plus, you only need to stock the most common cross sections - 3L, 4L/A, 5L/B, C and D - and you'll have almost 100%, on-site availability guaranteed. With PowerTwist Plus you will reduce the inventory dollars you have tied up in replacement V-belts and still have instant availability.

  • Perfectly suited to Z/10, 3L, A/13, B/17, C/22, and D/32 drives
  • Reduced inventory... any belt, any time!

No tools required.

No matter what equipment you are operating, productivity is critical. PowerTwist Plus V-Belts minimize downtime with no tools required, easy installation in minutes without machine tear-downs or struggling with rusted-down motor bases.


PowerTwist Plus V-Belts have the same cross section dimensions as conventional endless V-belts and can be installed on existing pulleys with no changes in set-up.


Single or matched V-belt sets can be made with a flick of the wrist! PowerTwist Plus V-Belts can be made up to required length by hand in seconds and rolled onto the drive just like a bicycle chain. Their custom multi-ply composite construction prevents roll-on damage. If conventional rubber V-belts are installed this way, almost certainly some of the load-bearing tension cords will be broken, leading to significantly reduced belt life.

  • Easier, faster installation
  • Easily installed without dismantling drive components
  • Make any length by hand in seconds without any tools
  • Simplified drive design

Tame hostile environments

If your V-belt drives are operating in hostile, nasty environments, you've got to take advantage of the high performance properties of polyurethanes. That's why we use a high performance polyurethane elastomer reinforced with multiple plies of polyester fabric for PowerTwist Plus. This custom material provides PowerTwist Plus with significantly superior resistance to oils, grease, water, most common industrial/agricultural chemicals and solvents. Plus an operating temperature range, with no loss of performance, of -40º F to +240º F. Conventional SBR/chloroprene brand V-belts simply can't compete.


If your drive environment is like hell's kitchen and conventional V-belt life is down to a few months, PowerTwist Plus may be your long term answer.

  • Longer belt life in harsh operating conditions
  • Unaffected by extreme temperatures, water, steam, oil, grease, and common industrial chemicals and solvents

Reduce transmitted vibration.

All conventional V-belts with a continuous tensile cord will transmit vibrations from the motor to driven components; these vibrations cause system noise and can significantly shorten bearing life. The segmented twist-lock design of PowerTwist Plus acts as a vibration dampener - vibration can enter a link but cannot be transmitted as there is no continuous tension cord present. Save your bearings - fit PowerTwist Plus V-belts!

  • Unique belt construction dampens transmitted motor vibrations, extending the bearing life and reducing noise levels
  • High resistance to abrasion and shock loads


*RoHS 2002/95/EC Directive compliant.*


Download a PDFClick here to download the brochure for tech belts used in data centers
  • Increased air flow!

    Reduced belt slip increases air-flow and allows your CRAC units to run at optimum designed efficiency levels from the outset.
  • Lasts longer than rubber V-belts!

    Made from a composite polyester/polyurethane material that delivers industry standard horsepower ratings. Plus, their unique construction is extremely resistant to flex fatigue.
  • Elevated temperatures? No problem!

    No loss in performance at extreme temperatures - from -40°C to 116°C (-40°F to 240°F).
  • Fast, easy installation!

    Make ANY length by hand in seconds on-site then simply roll it on like a bicycle belt. No need to move motors around!
  • Easy to re-tension!

    Simply roll it off the drive, remove a link, and roll it back on.
  • Reduced dusting!

    Less belt slip with better Coefficient of Friction between our custom urethane material and cast iron pulleys.
Download a PDFDownload a product brochure
  • Construction: Proprietary antistatic construction coupled with polyurethane elastomers, reinforced with polyester fabric
  • Antistatic Properties: Registers below 50 ohms (Compare to Rubber Belts that rate up to 3,600,000 OHMS)
  • ISO: Certified Belt
  • Test methods: ISO 1813:1998 Standards
  • Validation Company: TÜV SÜD America Inc.
  • Size Options: A & B Sizes (Call for A Size prices as they are abnormal in air units) Ex: B42 is a B Size
  • Replaces: A or B "V" belts
  • Patent Number: 7,621,114
Air Handler Belt Comparison

How do I determine what style belt I need?

Answer: Typically in Data Centers the belt driven AC units will be a "B" style belt (Liebert, Stultz, etc) which equals our 5/8" belt width. Another way to confirm is to look at the belt number, typically this is a letter and number combo such as A-42 or B-36... If the belt number starts with a "B" then it is a 5/8" belt width. If it starts with an "A" then you want the 1/2" width... its that easy.

Are your belts ESD?

Answer: We do have an Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) style belt and you can choose the option on the right column of our webstore to get the pricing for the ESD style belt.

Why why is it better to buy these plastic belts rather than rubber belts?

Answer: Tech Pro Belts are lighter and run at a higher efficiency rate than conventional rubber belts, they don't create petroleum belt debris and they can last more than 3 times as long.

How long does it take to ship?

Typically the product ships within 48 hours

How do I tension these belts

Answer: These belts are made to self tension with the correct amount of links. A good rule of thumb is for every 24 links (24") remove a tab, this keeps tension just right in most circumstances. For example 50' of belt... remove 2 links (for every 24" remove 1 tab, so that would be double the amount of tabs to pull = 2 tabs).

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EnviroSafe™ Floor Cleaner

Item is sold in three sizes:

  • a case of 4 one gallon containers at $172.68
  • (case of 6 Gal no longer available)
  • a drum of 55 gallons at $1,364.99

The high performance, synthetic detergent formula will not damage floors and leaves no residue. ENVIROSAFE™ keeps floors clean and aids in minimizing the potential for ESD in high technology environments.

ENVIROSAFE™ is specifically designed for maintaining access panel flooring systems and will provide optimal results when utilized with a SPRIT™ Series Floor Scrubbing Machine. Mop cleaning with TEK™ Series Floor Mops can provide outstanding results between scheduled cleanings of the environment. Rinsing is recommended when ENVIROSAFE™ is utilized.

Regular cleaning with ENVIROSAFE™ can be utilized to clean any brand of floor finish as well. Ask us for details on the full line of ENVIROSERIES™ Products for use in maintaining data centers, cleanrooms, and any critical high technology or pharmaceutical environments.

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High Volume Perforated Floor Tiles

Call for volume discounts for orders over 50 tiles!

Airflow55 Air Grate is a 24" x 24" cast aluminum floor grate (Perforated Floor Tile) with a minimum open area of 55% that delivers almost twice the CFM of the average perforated floor tiles. That means it provides enough airflow to properly cool your high density equipment.

The Airflow55 grate can be the solution to your hot spot problems by allowing air to flow high enough to cool those servers that are positioned close to the top of your server cabinets. In side by side tests, the Airflow55 has proven higher air flow than any other high volume air grate available.

Heavy Duty Construction

The Airflow55 has a factory applied, high durability, light grey powder coat finish to prevent corrosion and this heavy-duty perforated panel can withstand a point load of over 4.5 KN (1,000lb per square inch) and a uniform distributed load of over 13.5 KN (PSB test results available upon request).

Optional Damper

The Airflow55 is also available with a louvered damper so you can adjust the volume of air needed for your particular application and equipment load. The louvered damper is adjustable from the top so you do not have to remove the tile to make those critical adjustments. The Airflow55 damper assembly has a very small profile so the underfloor laminar air-flow is not affected.

Leading Edge Technology

SET3, the leader in cleaning and consulting services, now offers this new tile in it’s arsenal of cooling solutions for your data center. Call your SET3 representative to come in and give you a demonstration of this state-of-art new tile. We will take airflow measurements right before your eyes so you can see the vast difference between your old outdated tile and this latest in cooling technology.


  • Size: 24" x 24" (Standard Access Floor Tile Size)
  • Point Load: 1,000 lb. per sq. inch
  • Rolling Load: 13.5 KN
  • Damper: Damper Kit Sold Separately
  • Framework: Cast Aluminum
  • Coating: Powder Coated

Note: Some stringer/grid systems may require a bracket for proper fit of the Airflow 55 - Contact us for confirmation and estimated delivery dates/times (888) 935-0620.

Airflow55 Air Grate is a 24" x 24" cast aluminum floor grate (Perforated Floor Tile) with a minimum open area of 55%

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