Enviro-Tek™ Surface Cleaner

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Item is sold in three sizes:

  • a case of 4 one gallon containers at $230.00
  • (a case of 6 one gallon containers is no longer available)
  • a drum of 55 gallons at Call for pricing

ENVIRO-TEK™ is a formulated blend of solvents and other components created specifically for use in even the most stringent ISO Standard environments. The formula provides optimal decontamination results, effectively removing both particulate and filmed contaminants without leaving a residue. The fast-drying formula eliminates static and as a crucial aid in the control of damaging Electrostatic Discharges. ENVIRO-TEK™ effectively cleans surfaces leaving no contaminating residue behind after wiping dry. Pharmaceutical environments can be maintained to optimal standards by regular use of ENVIRO-TEK™. The formula for cleaning process equipment, tools, work surfaces, frameware, enclosures, walls, rigid and flexible partitions and viewing panels. ENVIRO-TEK™ is ready-to-use and safely provides consistent surface cleanliness.

ENVIRO-TEK™ is just one product in the ENVIRO-SERIES™ of specialty Products for high technology, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and other crucial high-specification critical environments. Contact us for information on our full offering of static and contamination control chemicals and equipment.

Transport Data

  • D.O.T. Proper Shipping Name: Cleaning Compound, Liquid, NOS
  • UN Classification: Not Regulated
  • Harmonized Tariff Schedule “B” Number: 3402.90.5030 Cleaning Preparation


  • Appearance, Form & Odor: Clear, Purple Liquid - Mild, sweet solvent aroma
  • Density: 7.3 lb/ gallon – 1.03 kg/ liter
  • Approved Environments: ISO Class 1 thru ISO Class 9