EasyReach™ Cleaning Tool

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16.5" length single piece stainless steel tool with cleaning pad tab/grip for isolators, LAF hoods, cabinets and mini-environments.

Improve the efficiency of your cleaning and disinfecting protocols, reduce contamination levels and improve your product yield by using Contec’s EasyReach for your cleaning tasks. EasyReach promotes more regular and effective cleaning and disinfection practices.

  • Optimized handle length of 16.5” (42cm) reduces over-reaching by operators during cleaning, minimizing the risk of strains
  • Reduces the likelihood of operators leaning into LAF cabinets, opening isolators, intervening in RABS and introducing contamination while attempting to ensure effective cleaning
  • Lightweight EasyReach Tool can easily be manipulated, is comfortable to use and minimizes fatigue
  • Presaturated pad option reduces operator exposure to high levels of VOCs typically experienced when using
  • IPA spray bottles and reduces the volume of hazardous chemical storage
  • Rounded tool edges and strong, durable, double layer pads ensure equipment is not damaged during use
  • All components are designed to be chemical resistant, minimizing the risk of contamination from degradation
  • Simple design of the EasyReach tool and pads minimizes cost
  • Non-sterile pads for less critical environments
  • Presaturated option removes the need for 70% IPA spray bottles, reducing inventory and minimizing waste
  • Package sizes optimized for single session use minimizing waste
  • Specially designed tab/grip on the cleaning pad enables quick and easy fitting to the frame with gloved hands
  • Single piece stainless steel tool is easily passed through transfer hatches, requires no assembly and is maintenance-free
  • Versatile low profile, 360 degree pivoting head ensures even the most awkward areas can be quickly reached with ease
  • All components are chemical resistant, minimizing the risk of contamination from degradation
  • Presaturated EasyReach cleaning pads eliminates the need for 70% IPA spray, minimizing transfer of materials and simplifying the cleaning procedure
  • Well-fitted quilted polyester pad ensures effective, even surface coverage reducing the number of viable and non-viable contaminants and ensuring maximum residue removal
  • Double bagged, laundered, validated sterile, single-use pads ensure no bioburden is added to the critical environment
  • Package sizes are optimized for single session use minimizing waste
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Easy to use EasyReach is recommended for effective cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in:
  • Isolators – rigid, flexible film, half suits
  • Restricted Access Barrier Systems (RABS)
  • Filling Lines
  • Laminar Air Flow Hoods
  • Bio-Safety Cabinets
  • Glove Boxes
  • Incubators