Hand Tile Puller - 5” Double Cup

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The Double 5" Cup model is our current best seller because it has a greater lifting capacity than our other models and offers greater stability due to the larger size of the suction cups. It is the best tool for an area where floor tiles are lifted repeatedly.

Standard Models come with oil resistant black Nitrile rubber vacuum suction cups. The sides of the hand grip and the bottom cross bar now have recesses which make the handle 13% lighter, a plus for anyone using the Lifter repeatedly; and the curved recess design actually strengthen the Lifters.

We have also increased the size of the release bar. This will greatly reduce any bend that occurred in the previous model from users repeatedly using too much force to release the suction.

  • Model HTP5 - Double 5" diameter black rubber vacuum suction cups
  • Recommended lifting capacity is 75lbs. or less

Any material or load being lifted by a Vacu-Lifter or Suction Cup Lifter should be clean, dry, and free from oil, dirt and scratches. Lifters will be more effective on smooth clean surfaces. We recommend a simple cleaning of a floor tile before lifting it to remove any dirt or oil that has built up on the tile.

We know that floor tiles get scratched and marred over time. The scratches can get in the way of a good seal for the vacuum cups or suction cups. This means that the scratches may allow air to get underneath the seal; and that will cause the hold to become unsealed faster. The Lifters will still work; they simply won't work as well or for as long. So please try to observe the condition of the floor tile being lifted and if it has scratches or gouges, try to position the vacuum cups or suction cups away from those imperfections. If this is not possible, take greater care in using the Lifters and be mindful that their holding power may be lessened due to the imperfections.

Download a PDFInstructions and Safety Guidelines for Use